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“Living long is not life, but living fit is real life.”

About Us

Established in 2010, Royal Blue Corporation has been a pioneering force in transforming fitness across Bangladesh. As the foremost importer, wholesaler, and manufacturer of exercise equipment, we serve diverse sectors ranging from leisure clubs to armed forces.

Our comprehensive range includes commercial and home gyms, single station machines, and free-weight strength training gear designed to adapt to various lifestyles and spaces. At the helm is our founder, Mr. Sajjad Rashed, whose unwavering dedication and hard work have propelled RBC to become an industry leader in the sales and service of fitness equipment nationwide.

When you choose Royal Blue Corporation, you benefit from:

  1. Proven Quality: Our fitness equipment has stood the test of time, ensuring enduring performance.

  2. World-Class Prestige: Experience the honor of owning top-notch, “Rolls Royce” quality fitness equipment at competitive prices.

  3. RBC Trademark: Trust in our commitment to excellence, technique, and reliable trade practices.

Mr. Sajjad Rashed’s philosophy, “Living long is not life but living fit is real life,” encapsulates our mission to promote a healthier lifestyle. Choose Royal Blue Corporation for not just a longer life, but a life that’s truly fit.

Business Details

Trade License Number: TRAD/DNCC/035965/2023

DBID Number: 526605483

BIN Number: 005934362-0402

Mission & Vision

RBC’s mission is to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience for functional sports products at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Our brand message, “Trust… Technique… Trade…!” continually inspires our team to introduce unique products for everyone. This ensures that our customers can effortlessly choose the right equipment, find the perfect apparel, or select the ideal pair of shoes.

At RBC, we are dedicated to offering the best sports products from top brands at competitive prices throughout Bangladesh.

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Our fitness equipment has stood the test of time, ensuring enduring performance.

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