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Embrace authenticity with RoyalBlue. Our 100% genuine products ensure a true commitment to quality, elevating your fitness experience with trust and excellence.

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RoyalBlue ensures your peace of mind with a genuine and extensive warranty on all products. Elevate your fitness journey with confidence – choose RoyalBlue for lasting quality.

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bActive Treadmill


Walking Pad bActive WP-06pro

Meet B-active “WP-06pro” Walking Pad, the Smart Walking Pad design for both running and walking. It is outfitted with wheels on one end to facilitate easy moving around.

Leading Fitness equipment, Treadmill & Dumbbell Retail & Online Shop in Bangladesh

Fitness equipment has become a part of our daily lives, and we depend on fitness products daily for a vast portion of our lives. There is hardly a home gym in Bangladesh without a fitness product. Royal blue Corporation started as a Fitness Product Shop has been since 2010. We focus on giving the best customer service in Bangladesh, following our motto of this is why RoyalBlue is the most trusted Fitness Equipment shop in Bangladesh Currently, winning over a flexible client base’s loyalty. After a long 13 years journey. This certification indicates that the company complies rigorously with all legal obligations in order to offer clients goods and services that meet national standards.

Best Treadmill Shop At Royal Blue Corporation in Bangladesh

Royal Blue Corporation is the most popular Treadmill Brand Shop in BD. Royal Blue Treadmill Shop has the perfect design, whether you are a home gym, gymnasium, or gym lover. Fitness love our collection of under desk gym treadmill because we always bring the premium Treadmill in Bangladesh. As the best Treadmill shop in BD, a customer’s budget is our first concern. We bring the latest bActive Treadmill and Jogway Treadmill under budget for every customer – from starters to expert users. Treadmill Shop in BD is considered the most trusted Treadmill shop in BD, allowing you to buy. 

The best Treadmills from top AC Motor Treadmill brands in the Bangladesh. Along with the best Treadmill brands, our experts provide you with the best buying decisions based on your needs and budget – making. the most trusted Treadmill shop in Bangladesh. Royal Blue lets you buy an official bActive Force-35 or bActive Force-47 from bActive Brand in Bangladesh. Royal Blue Corporation sells the latest models of the most popular Treadmill brands, such as – Daily Youth, bActive, Jogway, Geemax, K-Power, etc.

Best Dumbbell Shop In Bangladesh

Dumbbells are the widest selection. At Royal Blue Corporation stores, the greatest dumbbell store in Bangladesh, we provide premium Custom dumbbells, Brand dumbbells, All-in-One dumbbells, and Adjustable Dumbbells. Our stores are located in Mohammadpur. Obtain a nationwide warranty and servicing plan when you purchase a new adjustable dumbbell or adjustable dumbbell set weighing 12 kg. You can always rely on the knowledgeable staff  Adjustable Dumbbell Set 12kg Shop to develop an attractive or powerful body using the components of you’re choosing. The most dependable retailer of exercise equipment, treadmills, and other consumer home gyms in Bangladesh is Royal Blue Corporation.

Best Home Exercise Shop in Bangladesh

We at Royal Blue Corporation love Home Exercise. Therefore, we aim to provide a premium Home Exercise experience with our best Home Exercise shop in Bangladesh. The Mohammadpur is a specialized shop for Home Exercise with high-end Home Exercise accessories. Royal Blue is highly decorated with the best Home Exercise parts for customers to build online Home Exercise or gym exercise. Our Home Exercise shop in Bangladesh offers the broadest range of Home Exercise, Home gym Exercise, and gym Consoles. Royal blue Corporation’s largest Home Exercise shop consists of Home Exercise technology, Red/Yellow/Blue Material: Steel/ABS/EVA mat Weight: 1.5kg, Kettle Bell Dumbbell- Per KG, 

Home Exercise accessories cover Indoor GamesGym Equipment, Home Exercise, AB Wheel-Double Wheels Abdominal Multifunction AB Rolle, Adjustable Dumbbells Set 25KG Single Set, Aerobic Stepper-Adjustable Exercise Platform Workout Step, Exercise Bike Recumbent RC-R5000 and many more. We have strategic partnerships with many world-renowned home chest Gym Equipment, treadmill, Dumbbell, Jogway Treadmill, bActtive force, daily youth, and Floor Mat.

Best gym Equipment Shop in Bangladesh

The most reputable Gym Equipment store in Bangladesh is Royal Blue Corporation. We have been offering the highest-quality gym equipment solution for over 13 years. Get the greatest gym equipment and fitness accessories for your home gym, startup business desk, or corporate space by taking a short journey to the closest Whole Sale & Retails center. Purchase top rated dumbbell, treadmill,

Largest Fitness online Shop in Bangladesh

Our commitment extends to creative professionals, offering a selection of avant-garde fitness gadgets such as High-Performance Treadmills, Smart Exercise Bike, Wearable Fitness Tech, and Studio Accessories. Partnering with globally acclaimed brands like Fitbit, Peloton, Bose, Garmin, Technogym, and Life fitness, we ensure that our Fitness Emporium caters to the evolving needs of health enthusiasts. Experience the convenience of shopping through our user-friendly E-commerce website, where we have established the largest fitness-focused marketplace in Bangladesh. Simplify your fitness routine with Daily Lifestyle gadgets carefully chosen for your well-being. Brands like bActive, K-Power, Daily Youth, Under Desk Treadmill, and Jogway Treadmill are just a glimpse of the premium offerings available at your trusted destination for cutting-edge fitness technology.

Best Home Gym Appliance at Royal Blue Corporatin Shop in Bangladesh

Royal Blue Corporation is a popular home gym appliance Online shop in Bangladesh with a variety of top-quality home Gym Fitness appliances including Treadmill, Dumbbell, Cross Trainer Bike, Desk Treadmill, Evertop 5 Way Manual Treadmill, Running machines, Badminton Racket, Buffalo Pro II American Pool Table, and more. Offers home fitness appliances from renowned brands like bActive Treadmill, Daily Youth, Gymost Treadmill, Jogway, Kpower TreadmillYijian TreadmillYoga, and so on. Focuses on the evolving needs of modern Exercise Equipment and ensures best quality Home Gym Appliance at best price in Bangladesh.

Trusted Online Shopping From Bangladesh at the Best E-Commerce Website

The greatest value is placed on customer satisfaction by Royal Blue Corporation. We established our e-commerce website in response to Bangladesh’s growing need for online purchasing. Our reputable online store is thought to be among the top e-commerce sites with the greatest traffic. With its cutting-edge search engine, RoyalBlue  is transforming e-commerce in Bangladesh and making it easier for our esteemed clients to locate the fitness items they want. We have created the most complete Active Treadmills available, and you will receive a thorough performance report, anticipated cost, and watts. Several national holidays are marked by a range of campaigns and spectacular sales on our e-commerce platform.

Best Product, Price, Customer Service after the Sale, and Quickest Delivery

From the start, RoyalBlue has looked out for its clients. Our consumers are our top focus, regardless of whether they are making a purchase or just making an inquiry. We offer the greatest product at the best price, along with the best possible customer care and extended after-sale support. We provide the quickest possible delivery time for the goods you have selected. Our distribution hubs are spread across Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Rangpur, Gazipur, and Rajshahi, and they serve all 64 districts of Bangladesh. We already have a plan in place to grow our business into more cities.

What features should I consider when buying a treadmill?

Look for essential features like motor power, running surface dimensions, incline options, preset programs, and connectivity. Tailor your choice to your fitness goals, whether walking, jogging, or running.

How do I maintain my treadmill for optimal performance?

Regularly clean the treadmill, adjust belt tension, lubricate components as recommended, and use the safety key. Troubleshoot issues by referring to the user manual and seek professional assistance if needed.

Can I use a treadmill with joint problems?

Choose a treadmill with excellent shock absorption, engage in low-impact activities like walking, and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice based on your specific joint concerns.

What's the ideal motor power for my treadmill?

Select motor power based on your intended use – at least 2.5 HP for walking or light jogging, and 3.0 HP or higher for running. This ensures smooth and efficient performance.

How do I clean my treadmill?

Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning solutions and methods. Regularly wipe down the belt, console, and frame to prevent dust and debris buildup, ensuring a hygienic and well-maintained machine.

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