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Daily Youth Q3s Motorized Treadmill

৳ 39,990.00

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Daily Youth Q3s Motorized Treadmill.

*Power: 2.o Hp peak 3.0

*Max Load: 110Kg

*Speed Range: 1-12 Km/h

*Incline Range: Auto Incline 15%

*Double Safety Protection *Function With Both *Emergency Stop And Soft Stop

*Stylish And Trendy Appearance

*High Sensitive Hand Pulse, Start/stop Control And Speed Control In Handrail

*Multi Windows Led

*Preset 12 Intelligent *Running Programs,3 User Defined Modes

Hidden Mobile Devices Breaker

*Hi-Power Hi-fi System And Mp3 Audio Input

Professional And Simple *User Operation Interface

*Hydraulic Folding With Lock Device

*Running Surface: 120*40cm

*Country of Origin UK

*Assemble China

Warranty status:

Motor & Parts Replace Warranty: 1 year

Belt Warranty: 5 years

Service Warranty: 5 Years

Daily Youth Q3s Motorized Treadmill Price in Bangladesh

In the daily hustle, the youth find solace on the treadmill, an emblem of their relentless pursuit of vitality. The rhythmic cadence mirrors life’s challenges, each step a testament to resilience. As heartbeats quicken, dreams unfold, and stress dissipates, the treadmill becomes a transformative space—a canvas where aspirations are painted in sweat. Exercise Bike, Daily Youth, Benches In this daily ritual, the youth sculpt not just their bodies but also the unwavering spirit that propels them forward, one stride at a time. Preset 12 intelligent running programs, 3 user-defined modes


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