Life Fitness LF-6001EA Magnetic Cross Trainer Elliptical Bike (2023)

৳ 34,990.00

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Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer Bike

Brand: Life fitness

Model: LF-6001EA (2023)

Brake: Magnetic

Monitor: Scan, Time, Distance, Speed, Cal, Pulse

Settings: Saddle vertical

Console : Scan/Time/Speed/Distance/Calories/

Odo/Pulse/w/Table & Phone Stand

8 Level Magnetic Tension Control

Maximum Capacity 150 Kg

Machine Weight : 52Kgs

Transportation Wheels

Warranty Status:

Service Warranty: 2 years

Revolutionize your fitness routine with our state-of-the-art elliptical machine cross-trainer bike, the ultimate all-in-one solution for a comprehensive workout. Seamlessly transition between elliptical striding and cycling, engaging various muscle groups for a full-body challenge. Our cross-trainer bike boasts adjustable resistance levels, ensuring both beginners and fitness enthusiasts find the perfect intensity. Enjoy a low-impact cardio experience that’s gentle on joints, making it ideal for users of all fitness levels. The intuitive console provides real-time performance feedback, and built-in workout programs keep you motivated. Invest in the future of fitness with our elliptical cross-trainer bike, where versatility meets innovation for a holistic exercise experience.

Q. What is an elliptical machine?

An elliptical machine, or cross trainer, is a fitness equipment designed to simulate activities like walking, running, and climbing stairs. It provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that engages both the upper and lower body muscles simultaneously.

Q. How does an elliptical machine work?

Elliptical machines utilize a smooth, elliptical motion of the foot pedals along with moving handles or arm levers. Users step onto the pedals and hold onto the handles while moving in a circular or elliptical path, creating a fluid motion that mimics natural human movement.

Q. What are the benefits of using an elliptical machine?

Elliptical machines offer several benefits, including low-impact exercise, total body workout, adjustable resistance, forward and reverse motion, built-in workout programs, monitoring features (such as heart rate tracking), and compact design suitable for home use.

Q. Is an elliptical machine suitable for beginners?

Yes, elliptical machines are suitable for beginners as they provide a low-impact workout that’s gentle on the joints. Beginners can start with lower resistance levels and gradually increase intensity as their fitness level improves.

Q. How do I use an elliptical machine effectively?

To use an elliptical machine effectively, start by standing on the pedals with a straight posture and holding onto the handles. Begin pedaling in a smooth, controlled motion, ensuring that your feet remain flat on the pedals throughout the movement. Engage both your upper and lower body muscles by pushing and pulling the handles while maintaining a steady pace.

Q. Can I use an elliptical machine for weight loss?

Yes, elliptical machines can be an effective tool for weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts on the elliptical, along with proper nutrition, can help increase calorie burn and promote fat loss.

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