Exercise bike Recumbent RC-R5000

৳ 74,990.00

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8 levels manual magnetic resistance.
Split screen display, time, speed, distance, calories & heart rate.
Commercial adjustment for different leg length.
Three piece commercial crank.
Commercial adjustable ‘AirFlow’ seat.
Heart rate sensors.
Large foot pedals.
Indoor transport wheels.
Maximum user weight 130kgs.
Dimensions: (boxed) 167 x 72 x 26cm.

Exercise bike Recumbent RC-R5000
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Exercise bike Recumbent RC-R5000 Price In Bangladesh.

The Recumbent RC-R5000 Exercise Bike is a popular choice for individuals seeking a comfortable and effective cardio workout option. Here are some of the features and benefits of the RC-R5000:

  1. Recumbent Design: The RC-R5000 features a recumbent design, which means the user sits in a reclined position with the pedals positioned in front of them rather than beneath. This design offers ergonomic support for the back and reduces strain on the lower back and hips, making it suitable for individuals with back issues or those who prefer a more comfortable riding position.
  2. Comfortable Seat: Recumbent bikes like the RC-R5000 typically come with a large, cushioned seat with back support, providing added comfort during longer workout sessions.
  3. Low-Impact Workout: Recumbent bikes offer a low-impact form of exercise, as they minimize stress on the joints, particularly the knees and ankles. This makes them suitable for individuals recovering from injuries or those with joint pain. Home exercise Treadmill 
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