Giant Dragon 6808 Table Tennis Board with Wheel

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Giant Dragon – 6808

  • Single Folding Movable Table.
  • Table Size: 2740*1525*760 mm
  • Top Thickness: 15 mm
  • Material: 15mm Thickness MDF board,
  • Steel Tube with good powder coated
  • Top Colour: Blue
  • Locking brakes
  • Gross Weight 73kg
  • 8  x 65 mm wheels
  • 30 mm x 30 mm square tube undercarriage
  • Locking safety latch in folded position
  • Easy assembly
Additional Information of Table Tennis Board Giant Dragon 6808 with wheel
  1. Portability: The inclusion of wheels suggests that this table tennis board is designed for easy transportation and storage, which could be appealing for players who have limited space or need to move the table frequently.
  2. Durability: giant dragon is a known brand for producing sports equipment. The 6808 model likely boasts sturdy construction, ensuring durability even with regular use.
  3. Playback Mode: This feature could be valuable for players looking to improve their skills without a partner.
  4. Adjustable Height and Net: Depending on the model, the table may offer adjustable height settings and a customizable net, catering to players of different ages and skill levels. Best Selling Table Tennis Board Giant Dragon 503C-2

Table Tennis Boards Gaint Dragon

gaint dragon is a well-known brand in the sporting goods industry, including table tennis equipment. However, specific information about a product named is not readily available. Joerex likely offers a range of table tennis equipment, including tables, paddles, balls, and accessories, but without a specific model name like it’s challenging to provide detailed information. However, I can provide you with some general information about this product and its potential features that might interest consumers.

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