K-Power K-8521-6 Magnetic Exercise Bike (2023)

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k-Power exercise bike Information 2023

  • Brand: K-Power
  • Series: Pro Fitness
  • Model: K8521-6 (2023)
  • Monitor: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Table & Phone Stand.
  • Specification: 8 Kgs Flywheel,
  • Two Ways Flywheel,
  • 8-Level Manual Tension Control
  • Assemble Size:101*49*135cm
  • Max Load:150kg
  • Products Weight: 30kg
  • k-power exercise bike Manual Treadmill Update Version

Warranty Policy- 1 Year Service Warranty


Top Class Brand: K-Power Exercise Bike on of The Most Valuable Gym Equipment & Six Pack Accessories.

Magnetic Exercises Bike of K-Power

The Magnetic Exercise Bikes by K-Power combines durability, functionality, and performance for effective home workouts. With a magnetic resistance system, it offers smooth, quiet operation and adjustable resistance levels to suit various fitness levels. The bike features ergonomic design elements such as adjustable seat and handlebars, ensuring comfort during extended sessions. Its compact footprint makes it suitable for smaller spaces, while its built-in console provides essential workout metrics. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the K-Power Magnetic Exercise Bikes offers a convenient and efficient way to improve your cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

  • Adjust the machine: Start by adjusting the pedals, handlebars, and seat to fit your body comfortably. The pedals should be level and your knees slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke.
  • Step onto the pedals: Step onto the pedals one foot at a time and grip the handlebars firmly. Ensure your posture is upright with your shoulders relaxed and core engaged.
  • Start pedaling: Begin pedaling in a smooth and controlled motion, pushing down with your feet and pulling up with your legs. Focus on maintaining a steady pace and rhythm.
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