Luxury 4 Way Manual Treadmill (2022)

৳ 22,000.00

& Free Shipping

Luxury 4 Way Manual Treadmill

  • Used for Twister, Sit-up, Running, Push Up
  • Foldable and Movable
  • Uses no electrical power
  • Digital Features Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse
  • N,W: 39.1KG
  • G.W: 42.5 KG

Luxury 4 Way Manual Treadmill

  1. Sophisticated Design:
    • Crafted with precision, the luxury treadmill boasts a sleek and modern design.
    • Premium materials ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.
  2.  Versatile Workout Options:
    • Four-way functionality allows for diverse exercise routines.
    • Customize your workout with incline, decline, and flat modes.
  3. Manual Operation with a Touch of Elegance:
    • Enjoy the simplicity of manual operation with the added touch of luxury.
    • Effortlessly control your pace and intensity for a tailored workout Gym Equipment
  4. Built-In Fitness Features:
    • Monitor your progress with integrated fitness tracking features.
    • Keep track of essential metrics such as distance, time, and calories burned.
  5. Compact and Space-Saving:
    • Despite its luxurious features, the treadmill is designed to be space-efficient.
    • Ideal for home gyms or spaces where maximizing room is essential.
  6. Comfortable Running Surface:
    • The treadmill provides a comfortable and cushioned running surface.
    • Minimize impact on joints while enjoying a premium running experience.
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