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Manual Treadmill-5 Way

৳ 16,990.00

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Housefit: SR-7180F4A

5 In 1 Manual Treadmill

Beautiful console display speed, distance, calories, time and pulse.
Stepper is perfect in improving heart & circulatory function and ideal in strengthening leg muscles.
Twister helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips.
Push-ups help build strength, burn more calories, increase mental toughness.
3 level manual incline.
Foldable easy to store & wheels for easy portability.
Hand Pulse System.

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Warranty Status:
Manual Treadmill-5 Way

Motor & Parts Replace Warranty: 1 year
Service Warranty: 3 Years
Note: The warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to accident, abuse, corrosion or neglect.
This warranty is for home use only.


Purchase & Delivery Process:

Home Delivery inside Dhaka Free, Outside of Dhaka is also Free but If courier service is not available in any particular area (outside of Dhaka), then customers have to bear the transport cost.
After confirmation of the order, products will be delivered within 24 hours inside Dhaka and 72 hours outside of Dhaka.
Outside of Dhaka, Customer have to pay 10% Taka in advance
Outside of Dhaka delivery via courier service.
Product delivery duration may vary due to product availability in stock.


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Manual Treadmill-5 Way features and benefits:

Manual treadmills, despite their simplicity, offer unique features and benefits that cater to specific fitness preferences. Here’s an exploration of the notable features and advantages of Manual Treadmill:

1. No Electricity Dependency:

  • One of the key features of manual treadmills is their self-powered operation. They don’t require electricity, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

2. Affordability:

  • Manual treadmills are generally more affordable than their motorized counterparts. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals on a budget who still want to enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

3. Space Efficiency:

  • Manual treadmills often have a compact and foldable design, making them ideal for homes with limited space. Their foldability allows for easy storage after workouts.

4. Adjustable Incline:

  • Some manual treadmills come with adjustable incline options. Users can manually set the incline level, adding variety to their workouts and targeting different muscle groups.

5. Portability:

  • Due to their lightweight and compact design, manual treadmills are often more portable than motorized ones. Users can easily move them from one room to another or even take them outdoors.

6. Quiet Operation:

  • Manual treadmills operate silently since they don’t have a motor. This makes them suitable for homes where noise disruption is a concern, allowing users to work out without disturbing others.

7. Control Over Pace:

  • Users have complete control over the pace of their workout. The treadmill speed is determined by the individual’s walking or running speed, allowing for a more personalized and adaptable exercise experience.

8. Beginner-Friendly:

  • Manual treadmills are excellent for beginners or those easing into a fitness routine. The lack of a motor means users can start at a comfortable pace and gradually increase intensity as their fitness level improves.
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