WNQ 5 Station Multi Gym F1-518BI

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Chest extension, kicking, leg press, lat pulldown, low row, sit push,sit-up, etc.

  • Place of Origin:Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name:WNQ
  • Model Number:518BI
  • Type:Integrated Gym Trainer
  • Assemble Size:2100*2350*2100mm
  • Weight Stack::24pcs,144kgs
  • Function:Chest Extension, Kicking, Leg Press, High Pull, Rower, etc
  • GW:385.5KG

Multi Gym Equipment

The multi-gym is a versatile fitness equipment designed for comprehensive workouts. With various stations, it allows users to target different muscle groups, offering exercises for strength training, cardio, and flexibility Gym equipment. Its compact design suits home gyms, providing a space-efficient solution for a full-body workout, promoting overall fitness and well-being


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