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Oma 1818 Foldable Walking Pad

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Oma 1818 Foldable Walking Pad

OMA-1818EB Ultra foldable Walking Pad
Type: Electric
Preparation level Advanced Intermediate Beginners Experts
Brand: Oma Fitness
Model: 1818EB (2022)
Number of programs: 36
Speed Range : 1-14 km /h
Engine power: 2.0HP
Functions: pliable
Color: Gray
Maximum weight Capacity: 120 Kg
Length: 115 cm
Width: 76 cm
Height: 22.5 cm
Weight: 49.6 Kg
Running surface: 445x1300mm
Warranty status:
Service Warranty: 5 years
Motor Parts Replace Guarantee: 1 Year

OMA-1818EB Ultra foldable Walking Pad price In Bangladesh

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  3. Programmed Workouts: Many motorized treadmills come with built-in workout programs. These programs are designed to challenge users with varying speeds and inclines, adding variety to their exercise routine.
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  5. Safety Features: Motorized treadmills often include safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety key systems. These features enhance user safety by providing quick ways to stop the treadmill in case of emergencies.
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