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Oma 7410EA Motorized Treadmill (2024)

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Product details of OMA-7410EA DC Motor  Foldable Motorized Treadmill 2024

*Brand: OMA Fitness
*Model: 7410EA (2024)
*DC Motor (5.0HP Peak), 3.0HP Continuous,
*Screen: LCD window
*Speed range: 1-18km/h
*Motor incline: 0-12%
*Bluetooth app & Bluetooth music play MP3 with Built in Speaker
*Running surface:1300mm x 450mm
*Maximum users weight: 130kg
*Wheels for transportation easily
*Easily operation with speed button and incline button on handle bar.
*Cushioning: 6-pieces elastic cushions inside
*Foldable: Yes
*With I-pad holder and water bottle holder
*Other Features: Body fat function
*Dimensions when Folded: 96 x 76 x 125cm
*Dimensions when Assembled: 158.5 x 83 x 125 cm
*Machine weight: N.W:61 KG G.W:67KG

Warranty status:-
Motor & Parts Replace Gurrantee: 2 years
Service Warranty: 5 Years
Note: The warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to accident, abuse, corrosion, or neglect.
This warranty is for home use only. Under no circumstances is this treadmill warranted for semi-commercial or commercial use.

Purchase & Delivery Process:

Home Delivery inside Dhaka Free, Outside of Dhaka is also Free but If courier service is not available in any particular area (outside of Dhaka), then customers have to bear the transport cost.
After confirmation of the order, products will be delivered within 24 hours inside Dhaka and 72 hours outside of Dhaka.
Outside of Dhaka, Customer has to pay 10% Taka in advance
Outside of Dhaka delivery via courier service.
Product delivery duration may vary due to product availability in stock.

Call us for more details & orders:

The OMA-7410EA Treadmill is a state-of-the-art exercise machine designed to elevate your workout routine. Boasting a powerful 3.0HP motor, this treadmill empowers you to reach speeds ranging from 1 to 18 km/h, providing a dynamic and challenging workout experience for users of all fitness levels.

Key Features:

Computer System: The treadmill is equipped with a double-colored racing window and LED windows, offering a visually immersive experience. With 36 pre-set programs and 3 user manuals, you can easily customize your workout to suit your fitness goals. The intuitive manual mode allows you to take control of your exercise regimen.

Versatile Incline Options: Take your workouts to new heights with the 12-level motor incline feature. This not only intensifies your training but also engages different muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive and effective fitness session.

Body Fat Function: Keep track of your progress with the built-in body fat function, providing valuable insights into your fitness journey and helping you tailor your workouts for optimal results.

Convenient Handlebar Controls: Effortlessly adjust your speed and incline levels with the conveniently placed speed and incline buttons on the handlebars. This user-friendly design allows for seamless adjustments during your workout, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted session.

Advanced Cushioning System: The treadmill features a 6-piece elastic cushioning system, providing shock absorption and reducing impact on your joints. This ensures a comfortable and injury-free exercise experience, even during intense workouts.

Spacious Running Surface: Enjoy ample space on the 130 x 45cm running surface, allowing for a natural and unrestricted stride as you run or walk.

Foldable and Portable: Effortlessly store your treadmill with its easily foldable design. With dimensions of 96 x 76 x 125cm when folded, it conveniently saves space. Transporting the treadmill is a breeze thanks to the built-in wheels, offering unparalleled convenience.

Integrated Accessories: Stay entertained and hydrated during your workout with the integrated iPad holder and water bottle holder, providing a seamless and enjoyable exercise experience.

Weight Capacity: With a maximum user weight of 130 , the OMA-7410EA ensures stability and durability for users of varying fitness levels.

Safety-Conscious Design: The treadmill includes a workout time limit of 120 minutes, promoting safe and controlled exercise sessions.

Exercise Benefits:

Cardiovascular Health: Elevate your heart rate and enhance cardiovascular endurance as you engage in invigorating cardio workouts. The adjustable speed and incline levels ensure a customizable cardiovascular exercise that can help lower the risk of heart disease and improve overall heart health.

Calorie Burn and Weight Management: Torch calories efficiently with a diverse range of pre-set programs and manual modes. Whether you’re aiming to shed excess pounds or maintain a healthy weight, the OMA-7410EA Treadmill is your partner in achieving your weight management goals.

Muscle Engagement and Toning: The 12-level motor incline feature targets various muscle groups, providing a full-body workout. Engage your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves, promoting muscle strength and tone. This versatility ensures a balanced and sculpted physique.

Joint-Friendly Running Surface: The 6-piece elastic cushioning system minimizes impact on your joints, making the treadmill ideal for individuals with joint sensitivities. Enjoy the benefits of running without the usual strain, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting joint health.

Body Fat Management: Utilize the body fat function to monitor your body composition over time. By incorporating this feature into your fitness routine, you gain insights into the effectiveness of your workouts, facilitating targeted strategies for body fat management.

Convenience and Time Efficiency: The intuitive handlebar controls and easily foldable design with transportation wheels make your workout routine seamlessly integrated into your daily life. Maximize your time efficiency by eliminating barriers to exercise, promoting consistency in your fitness regimen.

Entertainment and Hydration Integration: Stay motivated and engaged with the integrated iPad holder, turning your workouts into an enjoyable experience. Meanwhile, the water bottle holder ensures you stay hydrated throughout your session, supporting optimal performance and recovery.

Versatile Workout Programs: With 36 pre-set programs, the OMA-7410EA Treadmill caters to diverse fitness goals, from weight loss to endurance building. This variety not only keeps your workouts exciting but also challenges your body in different ways, promoting continuous improvement.

Safe and Controlled Exercise: The treadmill’s safety features, including a workout time limit of 120 minutes, prioritize your well-being. Enjoy the benefits of exercise without the concern of overexertion, creating a sustainable and safe fitness routine.


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