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Speed Star 8050D Multifunction Treadmill

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Speed Star 8050D Multifunction Treadmill

Product Details:

  • Brand: Speed Star
  • Model : 8050D
  • Motor : DC 2.0 HP
  • Speed : 1.0-10km/h
  • Heartbeat, pulse, speed, calorie, Time, distance all will show on display
  • Max Load: 120 kg
  • Incline Degree No/ 3levels manual Incline
  • Running Surface: 400*1100 mm
  • Screen: LCD window
  • MP3 with Built-in Speaker & USB
  • Extra Function: Body Massager
  • Assembly size 1430*635*1220 mm
  • G.W/N.W 45/40KG

Warranty status:
Motor & Parts Replace Warranty: 1 year
Service Warranty: 3 Years
Note: The warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to accident, abuse, corrosion, or neglect.
This warranty is for home use only. Under no circumstances is this treadmill warranted for semi-commercial or commercial use.

Purchase & Delivery Process:

Home Delivery inside Dhaka Free, Outside of Dhaka is also Free but If courier service is not available in any particular area (outside of Dhaka), then customers have to bear the transport cost.
After confirmation of the order, products will be delivered within 24 hours inside Dhaka and 72 hours outside of Dhaka.
Outside of Dhaka, the Customer has to pay 10% Taka in advance
Outside of Dhaka delivery via courier service.
Product delivery duration may vary due to product availability in stock.


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Speed Star 8050D Multifunction Treadmill running machine price in Bangladesh

A Speed Star 8050D Multifunction Treadmill typically refers to a treadmill that offers a variety of features and capabilities beyond basic walking or running. These treadmills often incorporate additional functions to provide users with a diverse and comprehensive workout experience. Here are some common features you might find in a Speed Star 8050D multifunction Treadmill:

  1. Incline and Decline Settings:
    • Allows users to adjust the incline and decline levels, simulating uphill and downhill terrain to target different muscle groups.
  2. Programmed Workouts:
    • Pre-set workout programs designed to offer variety and challenge. These programs often include interval training, hill climbs, and more.
  3. Speed Variation:
    • Provides a wide range of speed settings to accommodate different fitness levels and workout intensities.
  4. Interactive Displays:
    • Treadmills with interactive displays, touchscreens, or built-in TVs can enhance the user experience and provide entertainment during workouts.
  5. Heart Rate Monitoring:
    • Integrated heart rate monitors or compatibility with external heart rate monitors to help users stay within their target heart rate zones.
  6. Bluetooth Connectivity:
    • Allows users to connect their devices via Bluetooth for data tracking, syncing with fitness apps, or streaming music.
  7. Built-in Speakers:
    • Some treadmills come with built-in speakers, allowing users to play music or follow workout instructions without additional accessories.
  8. Foldable Design:
    • For those with limited space, a foldable design enables the treadmill to be easily folded and stored when not in use.
  9. Built-in Fans:
    • Treadmills with built-in fans help keep users cool during intense workouts.

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