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Speed Star L580S Semi Commercial Android Treadmill

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Speed Star L580S Semi Commercial Android Treadmill

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♦Semi-Commercial Treadmill Luxurious Full
Foldable Motorized Treadmill
♦Brand: Speed Star
♦Model: L580S AC Motor ( 2021 )
♦Monitor: 15.6″ Full HD Touch Screen Display.
Supports, WIFI, Youtube, google play store, android
♦ Time-Speed-Distance
Calories-Heart rate check (Pulse)
♦Max Weight Capacity: 150 kg
♦Machine Weight: 118 Kg
♦AC Motor: 4.5 HP Peak ( 3.5 HP continuous )
♦Speed: 1~20 km/h
♦Auto Incline: 0~15%
♦Running Surface: 22.8346 * 57.08661 Inch
♦ Suspension System
♦More Features:
♦Easy Fold System&Unique Space Saving Design
♦Handgrip Pulse
♦ 15.6″ Full HD Touch Screen Display
♦w/Transport wheels
♦Country of origin Taiwan
♦Motor-Circuit Taiwan
♦Manufacturing Country China
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Parts Replacement Guarantee: 2 Years
Belt Guarantee: 5 years
Service Warranty: 5 Years

Buy Commercial Android Treadmill Price in Bangladesh

Commercial treadmills are designed for use in commercial settings such as gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs where the equipment experiences heavy and continuous use. These treadmills are built with durability, performance, and advanced features to withstand the demands of a busy fitness facility. Here are some key features and considerations related to commercial Treadmill:

  1. Build Quality:
    • Sturdy Construction: Commercial treadmills are built with heavy-duty frames and robust materials to ensure stability and durability.
    • High Weight Capacity: They typically have higher weight capacities to accommodate a wide range of users.
  2. Motor Power:
    • Powerful Motors: Commercial treadmills are equipped with powerful and continuous-duty motors to handle prolonged use and various workout intensities.
  3. Running Surface:
    • Spacious Belt: Commercial treadmills often have wider and longer running surfaces to accommodate different user strides and provide a comfortable workout experience.
  4. Advanced Features:
    • Touchscreen Displays: Many commercial treadmills come with large touchscreen displays that provide access to a variety of workout programs, entertainment options, and performance metrics.
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Built-in heart rate monitors or compatibility with chest strap monitors for accurate heart rate tracking during workouts.
    • Internet Connectivity: Some models offer internet connectivity, allowing users to access apps, stream content, or sync with fitness tracking services.
  5. Incline and Speed Settings:
    • Adjustable Incline: Commercial treadmills often feature adjustable incline settings, providing users with the option to simulate uphill running or walking.
    • High Speeds: They can reach higher speeds than typical home treadmills, accommodating users who engage in sprinting or high-speed running.

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