Table Tennis Board Giant Dragon 2005B (International Standard)

৳ 64,990.00

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Table Tennis BoardĀ  Giant DragonĀ  2005B

Wheel & Fold

Brand: Giant Dragon

Model: 2005B

N.W.: 121 kg

Thickness: 25mm MDF

Table Dimensions: 274cmX 152cm X 76cm

with 8 Wheells


Giant Dragon Board Table Tennis

Choosing the right tables tennis board is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. The size of the tables tennis board is a key factor to consider, ensuring it meets official standards. The standard tables tennis board size is 9 feet by 5 feet, providing a Treadmill, Exercise Bike uniform playing surface for competitive play. When shopping for a tables tennis board, keep an eye on the dimensions to ensure it aligns with official regulations. Beyond size, factors like board quality and thickness impact gameplay and durability.

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