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Treadmill Lubricant Silicone Spray 100%

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Treadmill Lubricant Silicone Spray 100%

Spray- 1500tk
Lubricant- 120ml =1500tk

Lubricant- 300ml=2000tk


About this item-

100% Silicone Treadmill Lubricant – Ideal for A Wide Range of Treadmills. 100% Silicone oil (Non-toxic and odorless), the custom formulated treadmill belt lubricant keeps your home, personal, commercial, gym, compact, or folding treadmill running smoothly. Also great for most elliptical equipment and other exercise equipment. We’ve Got the Perfect Solution for You!

Eliminate Mess – Easy to Apply and No Need to Loosen Your Treadmill Belt. Each treadmill lubrication kit comes with 3 dispensing options. The extension┬átube┬ácap can lubricate across the width of the belt with No Need to Loosen the Treadmill Belt. The precision twist spout is used for general lubricating and ideal flow control. The flat cap seals the bottle for safe transportation and convenient storage.

Extends Treadmill Life – Keep Your Machine Running Smooth & Quiet. This treadmill lubricant can reduce noise, eliminates treadmill belt hesitation. Regular lubrication can extend both belt and motor life, protect your equipment from costly repairs, make your workouts safer and more enjoyable. Reapply treadmill oil after every 25-50 hours of treadmill use will be better.

Fully Compatible – Suitable for Nearly All brands. Our Treadmill lubricant oil is suitable for most brands or models of treadmill, including OMA, DAILY YOUTH, BACTIVE, K-POWER, SPEED STAR, JOGWAY, SPORT, DAILY FITNESS and Many Others. Treadmill Lubricant Silicone Spray 100%

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