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Vinyl Dumbbell (per kg)

৳ 350.00

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Per K: 250Tk

Available Size: 0.5kg/1kg/2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg

Vinyl Dumbbell

  • Superior quality cast iron topped with a smooth vinyl coating, this coating provides an anti-slip grip and prevents damage to the floor
  • Ergonomic and compact design makes it a great product for home workout
  • Easy to carry and clean – can be used while traveling Use the dumbbells for increasing strength and endurance
  • Material: Vinyl

A vinyl dumbbell is a type of dumbbell that features a vinyl coating around the weight, providing several advantages over traditional metal dumbbells:

  1. Grip Comfort: The vinyl coating provides a softer, more comfortable grip compared to bare metal dumbbells. This can be particularly beneficial during long workout sessions or for individuals with sensitive hands.
  2. Floor Protection: The vinyl coating helps protect both the dumbbell itself and the floor surface from damage. It reduces the likelihood of scratches or dents on the floor if the dumbbell is dropped accidentally.
  3. Noise Reduction: Vinyl dumbbells tend to produce less noise when they come into contact with other equipment or surfaces. This can be advantageous in home gyms or workout spaces where noise control is a consideration.
  4. Color Coding: Vinyl dumbbells often come in various colors, making it easy to distinguish between different weights at a glance. This can be helpful for organizing your workout space and quickly selecting the appropriate weight for each exercise. Best Selling Iron Dumbbell 

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