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Solid Iron Dumbbell Plates Black- (1.5 KG to 20 KG)

৳ 250.00

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Iron Plates Dumbbell Solid Black

1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20 kg

  • Quality cast iron weight plate with a double-baked enamel coating that provides protection and protection against rust and burs.
  • With a bar hole diameter of 1 inch or 2.54cm, you will be able to make use of these plates with most other bars you may already have.
  • 1.25-20 kg weight plates
  • Double baked enamel cast iron plates

Iron plate dumbbell price In Bangladesh.

Achieving your fitness goals requires dedication, determination, and the right equipment. Solid iron dumbbell plate stand as timeless symbols of strength and endurance, essential companions in your journey toward a healthier, fitter you. Crafted from durable iron and designed for versatility, these plates are the cornerstone of countless workouts, empowering you to sculpt your body, increase muscle mass, and enhance your overall physical prowess.

Solid iron dumbbell plates for sale

If you’re looking to purchase solid iron dumbbell plates, you have several options to explore. Here are some avenues you can consider:

Online Retailers: Check out popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or specialized fitness equipment websites. These platforms often offer a wide range of options with varying weights and prices.

Local Sports Equipment Stores: Visit local sports equipment stores or fitness equipment retailers in your area. They may have a selection of solid iron dumbbell plates available for purchase, and you can inspect the quality in person before buying. Find Exercise Bike

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