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Yijian DK-15AW Foldable Motorized Treadmill (2023)

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DESCRIPTION- Foldable Motorized Treadmill DK-15AW 2023

*Model No. DK-15 AW
*LCD display Time, distance, speed, heart rate, calories
*Walking area 1260*450 mm
*Six-level shock absorption system Yes
*Speed range 0.8-18 km/h
*Incline 0-15% motor incline
*Motor Power DC 3.0 HP
*Pulse With Hand pulse key
*Run board Thickness 15 mm
*Program P 1-P 12
*Calories 0-999%
*Motor weight Capacity 130 kgs
*Safe guard system emergency stop key

Warranty Status:
Service Warranty: 5 years
Motor Warranty: 1 years
Belt Warranty: 3 years


Yijian DK-15AW Foldable Motorized Treadmill 2023

Yijian treadmills offer numerous advantages for fitness enthusiasts in Bangladesh. These Yijian DK-15AW , equipped with customizable speed and incline settings, facilitate effective cardiovascular workouts, contributing to weight loss and overall well-being. The sturdy design ensures durability, providing a secure platform for vigorous running or walking sessions.

Yijian : Yijian DK-15AW Foldable Motorized Treadmills featuring user-friendly interfaces and diverse fitness programs, cater to individuals of all fitness levels. The convenience of home workouts promotes consistency, aiding in weight management and health enhancement. Yijian DK-15AW, known for their reliability, Yijian DK-15AW Foldable Motorized Treadmill (2023). Best DK-15AW treadmill price in Bangladesh. Belt Foldable Treadmills versatility, and accessibility, emerge as popular choices for fitness enthusiasts in Bangladesh seeking efficient and personalized exercise solutions.


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